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What is the cost for my pest problem?
We have a minimum price for most pest problems. The cost varies based on the size of area to
be treated, condition of the unit, etc. We are very price-competitive with other companies.


What are your payment options?
We accept credit cards, interac, email transfers, cash and cheques.


We have mice in our house and small children. Is the treatment safe?
We can guide you in what we can do and should do in this situation. We can guide you in what
you can do and should do in this situation. We take all things into account before treatment
and treat accordingly. Safety for you, your family and pets is our number one priority.


I am getting bug bites. How can I tell what is biting me?
Give us a call to set up an inspection. At that time we will determine if it is spiders, bedbugs or
something else, and then suggest and appropriate treatment.


I have ants in and around my house. What is the best treatment option?
Before any treatment is done, you should have an inspection done to determine what kind of
ant or ants (carpenter, pavement etc.) you may have, as this may affect the type of treatment
required. Once that has been determined, the most-effective treatment option will be


Do you take care of wasps?
Yes we do! We can help you determine what type of wasps you have and then set up the most
appropriate and effective method of treatment. We do not treat honeybees, as they can be
harvested by a beekeeper.


Do you do night/weekend/holiday service?
Yes, if neccessary. Give us a call and we'll see what arragements you're looking for and if we can accomodate them.


Do you have another question for our technicians?
Give us a call, send us a text or drop us an e-mail and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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