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The most common ants found in Southern Alberta would be the odorous house ant, pavement antcarpenter ant. Occasionally pharaoh ants make an appearance in multi-dwelling buildings.

Ants have a complex social structure.  They live in colonies, in underground tunnels, or in galleries in dead wood (home and yard). From time to time, ant colonies will swarm, or divide. Winged males and females emerge from the nest. After mating, the males die, and the females lose their wings and return to find new locations in which to start a new colony (satellite).

 The season and weather conditions will determine what the ants are currently feeding on.

Most ants are capable of "biting" or "stinging" people.

The first step in resolving an ant issue is to identify the ant.  This is done through an inspection by one of our licensed technicians.

Each species of ants has different habits and nesting sites. Identifying which type of ant you have will determine what the most-successful treatment solution will be.

In most cases, treatment can be administered directly following the inspection.