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The house mouse and the deer mouse are the two most common mice found in Southern Alberta.

Mice enter buildings causing destruction in many ways. They can scurry up rough vertical walls and even pipes. They gnaw holes in walls, floors, and baseboards. Mice are known to chew electrical wire. Their droppings contaminate surfaces, and they get into kitchens - contaminating and destroying food.

The easiest way to distinguish the house mouse from the deer mouse is that the deer mouse has a white belly and white feet. The deer mouse is a carrier of the Hantavirus. Mice have several litters of young per year. The gestation period is 21–24 days. A small infestation can get out of control very quickly. Mice feed heavily on weed seeds, insects, household garbage, and food found in our kitchens. Mice are nocturnal.

There are several different treatments to eliminate mice.  This process can be difficult and may require the services of a professional applicator.  Exclusionary methods are preferred, as they reduce the likelihood that mice will be introduced to your dwelling.